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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does each session last?

The first three sessions are 20 minutes, the final session is 25 minutes long. Cars will begin each session from Pit Lane rather than forming up through the infield to maximise track time.

Is fuel available at the track?


Can I enter in any kind of car?

There are two categories for GT Sprint: road-registered cars or race cars. All cars must be scrutineered and must meet basic safety standards to be accepted.

How are the winners calculated?

GT Sprint is a super sprint competition, not a race. Cars are not competing for track position,  but racing against the clock. Placings in each category will be calculated by adding the lowest elapsed time for each circuit configuration. For example, car 55 manages a best time of 4 mins 10 seconds around the International Circuit and a best time of 5 minutes 3 seconds around the GT Circuit meaning Car 55’s total best time is 9 Minutes and 13 seconds. Trophies will be awarded for the top three finishers in each category.

Can I enter my car and share the driving with a friend?

No. Each entry is for one driver and one vehicle. 

Can I enter two separate vehicles and drive them both?

No. Each entry is for one driver and one vehicle.

Are passengers allowed at any time during the day?




Are there minimum or maximum time limits for drivers?


No driver may be on track for more than one hour at a time, after which another team member must take to the track. Beyond this it is up to the teams to determine pit stop strategy. Bear in mind the need for fuel and tyres over a three-hour period on this track.

Does each team need to have three cars?

Each team requires three drivers. One transponder is provided, which must be fitted to the car that is on track. It is possible for a team to share a car, but time will be lost during pitstops for refuelling and possible tyre changes.

What happens if one of my team’s drivers becomes sick or cannot continue?

There is no requirement for all three drivers to take part. The limiting factor is that no driver may drive on track for longer than one hour continuously, after which another team member must take to the track.

What categories can I enter?

There are only two categories in GT Team Sprint – road registered cars and non road registered cars/race cars.

My teammates’ cars are a different category to mine – how does that work?

Your team will be classified as either road registered or race car. To classify as a road registered team, all three cars must have current civil registration. For example, a team with two road-registered cars and a logbooked/race car will be classified as a race car team.  

If my car is damaged or develops a mechanical issue during the day, can I drive a different car in GT Team Sprint?

Only scrutineered and approved cars may take part. You may drive a teammate’s car during GT Team Sprint (if they let you!)

How are the winners calculated?

GT Team Sprint is an endurance super sprint event, with teams competing against the clock, not for track position. The winners in each category will be determined by the following formula.
•    The team’s worst lap time is removed
•    The remaining lap times are averaged
•    The average lap time (in seconds) is divided by the number of laps completed to deliver a GT Sprint Performance Factor. 
•    The lowest Performance Factor wins.

For example:
Team A has an average lap time of 300 seconds (5 min) and completes 50 laps. 
300/50 = Performance Factor of 6 
Team B has an average lap time of 290 seconds (4min:50) and completed 49 laps. 
290/49 = Performance Factor of 5.91 

Team B would win in the case above.


Are passengers allowed at any time during the day?